Christiane Buggs for Metro Nashville School Board





Christiane Buggs is the clear choice for the School Board District 5 seat. Christiane has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with two years of research and data disaggregation experience and two Master’s degrees in Education—one in Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee State University and the other in Urban Education from Vanderbilt University—both with education research experience. Her teaching and civil service experience spans the gamut of Nashville’s public education system. She has taught in a Nashville charter school for two-and-a-half years and in a Nashville traditional public school for three-and-a-half years. She has served two years as a volunteer tutor with the MNPS Reading Clinic and two years as a MNPS middle school girls’ track, basketball, and cheerleading coach.

At a Glance

  • Certified teacher and Nashville native
  • M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction (Tennessee State University)
  • M.Ed., Teaching & Learning (Vanderbilt University)
  • Volunteer tutor and counselor
  • Middle school math teacher
  • Assistant Director, TRIO at Tennessee State

Christiane is a Nashville native and product of MNPS. As a student, teacher, and community member, she has experienced our schools in several different ways throughout the course of her life. She is the only District 5 candidate that has the professional and educational experience that has allowed her to understand how MNPS schools work and where there may be inefficiencies.

In addition to her career as a teacher, Christiane has policy and governance experience that has prepared her for role on the School Board. For the past two years, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the legislative session (January through April), Christiane attended Education Subcommittee meetings for both the Tennessee State House of Representatives and the Senate.  She regularly spoke with policymakers to understand their role as well as their perspectives. She asked questions, offered advice, and even offered expert testimony in support of education legislation. Christiane is also a board member for the YMCA Black Achievers and is responsible for overseeing the program’s director.

Christiane’s full-time role still keeps her heavily involved in the MNPS system, engaging with students. Currently, she serves as the Assistant Director of TRIO Programs at Tennessee State University, a tutorial program that offers academic, college readiness, and other support services to MNPS Title 1 schools. Each week she is in one of four MNPS schools, pulling small groups or working one-on-one with math students to raise test scores, offer content intervention, or assist in college prep (i.e. applying for colleges, filling out FAFSA forms, etc).

Christiane is dedicated to bringing her multitude of knowledge and experience to fight for all students and stakeholders as the next District 5 representative on the Metro Nashville School Board.


Laura McCoy is a District 5 parent who is deeply concerned about the direction of Metro Nashville Public Schools. Watch why she’s voting on August 4.