Early Voting Ends Today!



Today is the last day to early vote. I trust that the residents of District 5 know how important leadership is in our community. Who we elect to lead our community matters. Our leaders, particularly our school board members, should be one with high integrity, sound decision-making, experience working at every level in Metro Schools, and have children as their primary focus. We have to get leadership right to get everything else right. We shouldn’t let those, who resort to back-door politics to buy an election, win this election. But rather someone who has campaigned with civility and on their own merits…and that someone is me.

I ask for your vote because I am the only candidate in District 5 who has worked tirelessly in Metro Schools to teach children to excel despite all odds. I am the only candidate with an educator’s perspective who would bring an intimate, balanced understanding of day-to-day challenges that parents, students, and teachers face.

YOU, the voter, have the opportunity and the solemn responsibility to choose our leaders through your vote. Every single registered voter in District 5 owes it to the candidates to take these elections seriously, treat candidates you support and oppose with kindness and respect, research the issues that matter to you, and, most importantly, vote. Get out today and make the RIGHT choice for our children. For Nashville. For our future.