Student-Focused Curriculum

Christiane’s experience as a teacher in Metro Schools makes her keenly aware that schools aren’t just buildings. They’re comprised of the people who walk the halls and whose lives are affected by district-level decisions. Christiane’s insight into what goes on inside of our schools will help her promote developmentally appropriate curricula.

Educator Advocacy

Christiane understands that when teachers are developed as professionals, they have room to individualize instruction and increase student growth. When educators feel supported they are more confident and prepared to properly advocate for students. And when adequate resources flow through a school, the community is changed for the better.

Parent Peace of Mind

Christiane has seven siblings, all of whom have attended Metro Schools, and she recognizes that parents and families deserve to feel both comfort and ownership in their schools. Parent concerns must be heard clearly and swift resolutions developed. Christiane will work to ensure that the district is properly addressing concerns – always.

System-Wide Collaboration

Great students, faculty, and staff fill our schools each week. Collaboration between all of these stakeholders should be encouraged to ensure that the best Metro Schools have to offer are being translated throughout the district. Relationship building, mentoring, and true partnerships can be developed with active participation from all parties.